About the Artist


My name is Carl Bromberg, and I sincerely hope you are having a wonderful day!

What I Love:

Animals - I am an animal advocate and volunteer for Fur Fun Rescue, Last Hope Animal Rescue, Cedar Valley Humane Society, Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control, and Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids. .I also have 6 wonderful dogs, 4 Huskies and 2 Labs.

Laughter - I LOVE to laugh! I'm always laughing at my dogs, Suri, Caleb, Mia, Charlotte, Jesse and Titan and the silly things they do!. You laugh with me and we will be friends for life.

Children of all ages! - Newborns, babies, toddlers, anyone wlling to blow bubbles, laugh, and smell the flowers. I think as adults we can learn a lot from children and how they view their world with such innocence. :-) I LOVE watching my grandchildren "explore" their world with eyes wide open to the possibilities that life offers.

Joy - I experience pure joy at so many things, from my grandchildren's smiles and mischieviousness to the simple joy of watching wildlife do their thing from the cover of a blind.

Mother Nature - Wild flowers in the summer time, springtime flowers and fall colors in Iowa, the sound of a cardinal signing it's song, watching eagles sore so freely through the air, foggy mornings on a nature trail, the howl of a wolf, the sound of running rivers, the hoot of an owl, the calmness and beauty found in the morning after a fresh snow, sunshine.

Family and Friends - Hanging out and just enjoying those special moments that life brings to us.

Pets - I'm a dog person, but I also love cats. Just pure unconditional love! :-)

Music - I love all types of music from classic rock to country to classical.

Photography - No surprise there! :-)

What I Don't Love:

Grumps, party poopers, and general fun haters! Go away!


Animal Abusers